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Balloon Lights

Balloon lights are attractive accessories to make an impression at any specialised party event. These lights are feverous with the many decorations and beautiful coloured lights that are integrated. There are various kinds of balloon accessories that are used to make an event more entertaining, but the Balloon lights are known to impair a lasting impression.

If you are planning a party that requires a bit of excitement, it is a great idea to equip yourself with one of Mr Party’s balloon lights decorating kits, which are available at prices that are guaranteed to be the cheapest at Mr Party.

  • $795.00 Balloon Bulbs Set Deluxe
    Balloon Bulbs Set Deluxe (2 bulbs with 8ft powercords, clamp, balloon stretching tool & case) (Special Order Item) - Each
  • $15.50 Party Dots Blue
    Party Dots Blue "The Glow, They Blink!" (22mm Wide)
  • $15.50 Party Dots Green
    Party Dots Green "The Glow, They Blink!" (22mm Wide)  - Pack of 5
  • $15.50 Party Dots Red
    Party Dots Red "The Glow, They Blink!" (22mm Wide)
  • $15.50 Party Dots White
    Party Dots White "The Glow, They Blink!" (22mm Wide)
  • $6.90 Sparkle Ribbon Assorted
    Sparkle Ribbon Assorted (80cm Long) Lasts 12-24 Hours
  • $6.90 Sparkle Ribbon White
    Sparkle Ribbon White (80cm Long) Lasts 12-24 Hours
  • $13.50 Square Double Sided Adhesive Dots
    Sqots Square Double Sided Adhesive Dots Many uses, Use to attach balloons together, hang Scene Setters, - Pack of 200

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