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Around The World

Mr Party brings you Around the World Themed Parties, your guests can be treated to a fascinating trip around the worldÂ’s most beautiful places. How else can your guests travel Around the World in just one night? This party theme is one of the best and one of the most popular themes available. It gives you and your guests the ideal opportunity to dress up in costumes from Around the World and pass through the wonderful places such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge to Las Vegas to the magnificent Eiffel Tower and so on.

Now you can celebrate locally with a theme that can be inspired by a specific continent, a few countries or the whole world. Take your guests on a trip Around the World and give them the opportunity to celebrate the cultures and traditions of different countries. Your guests will definitely love you for the unique party experience.

Set up different areas with different themes for places. Decorate each area with the countries flag, unique items, posters, travel brochures and favourite foods. This dynamic theme party will have a bit of everything. With a fine mix of props, entertainment and backdrop, you will be catering for everyones taste in a single event.

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